Meet the team.

We as a company feel honored to have such a skilled and hard working work force. The passion they put into their work and pride they install into every fine detail really is a great feeling when we assign a project to each team. Every garden has it's own unique feel and qualities and the Garden Build team transfer this with excellence every time.

We understand the importance of knowing who you allow into your home, your own personal space, during the transformation of your garden. This can be a little daunting not knowing who you have just given permission to spend the next few weeks in and around your home. So allow us to let you familiarise yourself with the team...


Jason Marten



Jack Bridgewater


Since joining Garden Build, Jack has quickly become Jason's right-hand man. His management skills along with his second to none craftsmanship and excellent eye to detail has proven to be a huge part in Garden Builds recent success and growth. As Garden Builds head machine operator and expertise in every aspect of landscaping, Jack is an excellent project manager and proven to be a huge asset.

Fred 1.png

Fred Bridgewater


Fred first came on to the 'Garden Build scene' to help out for one day. Jason soon saw potential and never let him leave. Fred's skill set and passion for delivering beautifully crafted gardens has proven him to be a highly valued member of the team. With qualifications in brickwork and years of experience in many areas of the construction industry including rendering really sets Garden Build at the top of their game with the varied services they can offer and a new dimension to every project undertaken. Every garden needs a Fred.

Ollie 1.png

Oliver Offord


Ollie started his career at Garden Build as a trainee landscape gardener with little to no knowledge in the industry. Proving to be the quickest most confident learner the world has ever known, Ollie is already setting himself up to be a trainee foreman. It's been said that even stamina itself cannot keep up with Ollie and he works tirelessly each and every day to help keep every project on time. It is now said if someone doesn't have a bit of Ollie in them they have no future at Garden Build. Unquestionably a huge asset to the company.